Il Caffe – An Italian Treasure

By Joanne Natale Spigonardo September 6, 2022 While coffee dates back to first being discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th Century, it became available in Italy in the 16th century and imported through the port of Venice. Venice has a strong background in the coffee industry because of its prime location on the Adriatic Sea.Continue reading “Il Caffe – An Italian Treasure”

L’onomastico – Name Day in Italy- Featuring St. John the Baptist & Florence

June 24, 2022 By: Joanne Natale Spigonardo If you were born in Italy and Catholic, you most likely always celebrate your l’onomastico, which is also the birthday of the saint you were named after. My birth name is Giovanna, and in my case it is the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, which is celebratedContinue reading “L’onomastico – Name Day in Italy- Featuring St. John the Baptist & Florence”

A Hidden Treasure of Italy – The Sistine Madonna

May 6, 2022 By Joanne Natale Spigonardo In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would write about one of the greatest mothers of all, Mary. Mary symbolizes the unconditional love of motherhood, and the gifts that motherhood brings. The Sistine Madonna depicts the purity of devotion that Mary has for her Son. The paintingContinue reading “A Hidden Treasure of Italy – The Sistine Madonna”

St. Joseph’s Day – A Hidden Treasure

March 19, 2022 Joanne Natale Spigonardo If you are originally from Italy, or an Italian American, you’ve certainly celebrated St. Joseph’s Day! It is the traditional Father’s Day in Italy, where everyone honors their own fathers as well as St. Joseph the father to us all. On March 19, everyone who is Italian, or wouldContinue reading “St. Joseph’s Day – A Hidden Treasure”

Valentine’s Day in Italy, Featuring Terni – A Hidden Treasure

By:  Joanne Natale Spigonardo February 14, 2022 The origins of Valentine’s Day come from the beautiful city of Terni.  Terni is located in the northern part of Umbria, in the region of Perugia.  Like the rest of Italy, it has a wealth of history and antiquity.  It is the birthplace of Saint Valentine.  He wasContinue reading “Valentine’s Day in Italy, Featuring Terni – A Hidden Treasure”

One of Italy’s Former Treasures – Alitalia

October 23, 2021 By Joanne Natale Spigonardo It’s hard to believe that Alitalia recently took its last flight. Alitalia had been in operation since 1947. It was a premier carrier and Italy’s world airline, with Rome Fiumicino as its main hub. Traveling on Alitalia in its hey days was luxurious even in economy class. AlitaliaContinue reading “One of Italy’s Former Treasures – Alitalia”