Italian Mothers & Grandmothers – Treasures of Italy

May 8, 2023 Joanne Natale Spigonardo For those of you who have been blessed to have an Italian Mother and an Italian Grandmother, I hope these words you are reading will sound familiar and meaningful. Of course, as in all individuals, everyone’s experience is unique. I’m paying tribute to my Grandmother, Teresa. She was theContinue reading “Italian Mothers & Grandmothers – Treasures of Italy”

Highlighting Some of my Favorite Places in Italy

Joanne Natale Spigonardo April 16, 2023 I’ve had the good fortune to travel to Italy dozens of times, and while it is impossible to make a top list of my favorite places, there are some places that always inch there way to the top of my list. One of them is Portofino, nestled in theContinue reading “Highlighting Some of my Favorite Places in Italy”

The Magic Mirror – 2023 Carnevale in Italy

February 6, 2023 Joanne Natale Spigonardo When 17th Century Venetians started to celebrate Carnevale as we know it today, they dressed in elaborate costumes and masks. The experience was to create an illusion of identity. It was a place and is a place where royalty can mix with anyone. Where the elite are on theContinue reading “The Magic Mirror – 2023 Carnevale in Italy”

La lista di buoni propositi 2023 – New Year’s Resolutions in Italy

Joanne Natale Spigonardo December 31, 2022 As Italians are gathering at Circus Maximus in Rome on New Year’s Eve, they are full of wonderful prosecco and delicious food. Perhaps many of them have already enjoyed their lentil soup with cottechino and a sumptuous portion of porchetta. They are joyous and boisterous with good times andContinue reading “La lista di buoni propositi 2023 – New Year’s Resolutions in Italy”

The Manger Scene – A Hidden Treasure of Italy

December 1, 2022 Joanne Natale Spigonardo The Manger Scene or Il Presepio dates back to the 13th century and was started by St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. Saint Francis built a creche in a cave and celebrated Mass on Christmas in the town of Greccio, Italy. There is a beautiful sanctuaryContinue reading “The Manger Scene – A Hidden Treasure of Italy”

Il Foulard – The Italian Scarf – A Hidden Treasure of Italy

Joanne Natale Spigonardo October 5, 2022 The silk scarf or foulard is probably one of the most beautiful Italian accessory. As we all know the Italians have great style and their accessories are high end and meticulously selected to enhance any wardrobe that will outlast trends. Designers have had their own wonderful scarves that areContinue reading “Il Foulard – The Italian Scarf – A Hidden Treasure of Italy”

Il Caffe – An Italian Treasure

By Joanne Natale Spigonardo September 6, 2022 While coffee dates back to first being discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th Century, it became available in Italy in the 16th century and imported through the port of Venice. Venice has a strong background in the coffee industry because of its prime location on the Adriatic Sea.Continue reading “Il Caffe – An Italian Treasure”

L’onomastico – Name Day in Italy- Featuring St. John the Baptist & Florence

June 24, 2022 By: Joanne Natale Spigonardo If you were born in Italy and Catholic, you most likely always celebrate your l’onomastico, which is also the birthday of the saint you were named after. My birth name is Giovanna, and in my case it is the birthday of Saint John the Baptist, which is celebratedContinue reading “L’onomastico – Name Day in Italy- Featuring St. John the Baptist & Florence”

A Hidden Treasure of Italy – The Sistine Madonna

May 6, 2022 By Joanne Natale Spigonardo In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would write about one of the greatest mothers of all, Mary. Mary symbolizes the unconditional love of motherhood, and the gifts that motherhood brings. The Sistine Madonna depicts the purity of devotion that Mary has for her Son. The paintingContinue reading “A Hidden Treasure of Italy – The Sistine Madonna”